Prayer request

We want to be know as a church that prays! So take some time today and pray for the prayer request below. If you would like to submit a prayer request scroll down further to do so. 


Please pray for my brother. His body is full of cancer and he is in a great deal of pain. Also my mom as she is having a difficult time with his illness.


I have had an especially rough year, 2 major surgeries on my back, infections etc… I ask for prayer to be able to walk better, have balance and no falls. I know God has healed me thus far, I know he’s not finished with me yet. I am truly blessed. I have a wonderful husband, kids and grandkids. Thank you God for all my blessings.


Both my daughter, Jennifer and her husband Alex have been diagnosed with having covid. My daughter is having a rough time with it. I wish they were closer but they live in Alaska. Thanks for the extra prayers.


Ryan has been at a halfway house for about 6 weeks now. Yesterday would have been his dad's birthday and today is his birthday. Yesterday he was really struggling. My prayer was God would just give him the strength to get from one minute to the next and not make the decision to use. I'm asking that you please keep him in your prayers. He wants to do well and if it was only as simple as just that one decision. I believe he's in God's hands and I will just continually pray and hope he can beat this. Thank you for all the continued support.


Prayers for Edith Wup and her husband George who is currently visiting Liberia. He had plans to see his sister yesterday when he returned from their village. Tragically she died suddenly on her way to the hospital on Saturday night. His plan is to be there until the 16th. So pray for his peace and comfort and that if possible, funeral arrangements will be made before he departs so he can attend. This has been difficult for him as another relative died on his previous trip. He and Edith were quite shocked at this sudden death. But God is good and she is with the Lord.

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