Connecting Groups

It is our desire to see the body of Christ come together, growing in their faith, and connecting with other believers. Life is hard to do by ourselves and we feel no one should ever have to do it alone. That is why we are starting Connecting Groups. We believe this will help us become a closer family and help the church make disciples!

Fall 2018 Connecting Groups

  • Courageous Leadership

    Mon 6-7:30PM at Cabin Fever

    Lead by: Pastor Andy Tracy & Pastor Tim Tracy

    Open to: Adults

    Begins: Mon, Sept 10

    Length: 10 weeks

    Cost: $17 book Amazon

    360° leaders don’t just direct their gift of leadership south to people under their care. They also learn to lead north by influencing those with authority over them, and to lead east and west by impacting their peers. But most importantly, they learn how to keep the compass needle centered by leading themselves-by keeping their own lives in tune so that they can provide maximum direction for others. Come learn all areas of leadership.

  • Sermon Review

    Wednesdays, at 7-8:15PM in the church offices

    Lead by: Morvin Dixon

    Open to: Adults

    Begins: Wednesday, Sept 12

    Length: Ongoing

    Cost: None

    Have you ever wanted to dive deeper into a recent Sunday sermon?

    This small group will take the most recent Sunday sermon from FCC and talk about questions you may have, what parts convicted you, and how God has used it to teach and enrich you.

    *This small group runs during Youth Church so it’s a great way to spend your time while your child is attending their own class.

  • Creative Women’s Devotional

    Tuesdays, 7-8PM in the Cafe Library

    Taught by: Pat Brink

    Open to: Women

    Begins: Tuesday, Sept 11

    Length: 8 weeks

    Cost: None

    Inviting all who who knit, crochet, & those that would like to learn.

    Using "Creative Women's Devotional" by Genevieve A Howard, although you do not have to buy it to be come.

    Bring a project to work on too!

  • Fit Club

    Mon 7:30PM-8:30PM in Engage Room

    Lead by: Kate Brooke

    Open to: all

    Begins: Mon, Sept 10th

    Length: 10 weeks

    Cost: none

    Fit Club will be a variety of strength training, cardio, high intensity, and

    pilates. These workouts will keep us moving towards a healthy lifestyle!

  • Come to my House

    Tue 6-9PM at Eli, Zeke, and Zoe’s House

    Lead by: Eli Tracy and Zoe Tracy

    Open to: 18-25

    Begins: Thurs, Sept 13

    Length: Onging

    Cost: None

    We will gather every Thursday at Eli, Zeke, and Zoe’s house for a home cooked meal, a campfire, games, bible study, talks at the kitchen table and more. We are who we hang around, and so we want to create a place for the young adults of FCC to hang around good people.

    Come for the food, stay for the other food. 

  • Lilies of the Valley

    Wed 6:30-8PM in the Conference Room

    Lead by: Kate Taylor, Kara Tracy

    Open to: Single Moms

    Begins: Wed, Sept 12

    Length: Ongoing

    Cost: None

    *Childcare will be provided

    We are an ongoing group of Godly women who are hungry for our Lord.

    We do Bible studies, go to Christian concerts, movies and anything else

    to promote friendship and support each other anyway that we can/need.

  • The 300

    Tue 7-8PM in Defiance

    Lead by: Mike Lewis, Jim Ingle

    Open to: Men, 18 & up

    Begins: Tue, Sept 11

    Length: Ongoing

    Cost: None

    This group is focused on bringing the men of the church closer to God and

    each other through prayer, study and open discussion. This quote by John

    Wesley is the inspiration for this group: “If I had 300 men who feared

    nothing but God, hated nothing but sin, and were determined to know

    nothing among men but Jesus Christ and Him crucified, I would set the

    world on fire.” *Speak with Mike or Jim for the location address. They meet

    at either Jeff Burnett’s house or at the church. 

  • The Way of the Warrior Graham Cooke

    Mon 6-8PM in Classroom 2

    Lead by: Bruce Davenport

    Open to: Guys, all ages

    Begins: Mon, Sept 10

    Length: Ongoing

    Cost: None

    Warriors do not react to their circumstances, they respond to God. They

    see everything as an opportunity to learn, grow, advance and increase in

    faith. They have taken their own internal territory. Warriors know that

    Jesus reigns and everything leads to majesty! 

  • Prophetic Personalities Havilah Cunnington

    Thu 6:45-8:30PM in Classroom 1

    Lead by: Diane Davenport, Sharon Jewell

    Open to: Adults

    Begins: Thu, Sept 13th

    Length: 10 weeks

    Cost: None

    So many of us plead for God to speak with us. Because we don’t hear his voice, we assume he’s being silent. Could it be he is already talking and we haven’t discovered how he uniquely speaks to us? The Lord’s heart is to communicate with his children, and he wants to partner with how he’s wired us. When we tune into our prophetic blueprint, we enjoy renewed intimacy and fresh communion with the God who created us.