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(All Groups Start the Week of Sept 20th)


    Open to: Adults

    Meets: Wednesdays starting at 7pm at FCC

    Lead by: Pastor Andy

    We will take the sermon from Sunday morning, dig deeper, and see how it applies to our lives!


    Open to: All

    Meets: Mondays from 12-1pm at FCC

    Lead by: Pastor Andy


    Come for a weekly hour of deep prayer and worship. We stand in unity, praying into the throne room of our heavenly Lord!

  • Saving Sanity

    Open to: Woman 18+

    Meets: Thursdays from 6-8pm at FCC

    Lead By: Christina Schafer

    Let's break through this isolation and get our sanity back. Help make memories that will be full of laughs, learning and feel good moments. Each week will bring something different; baking, card games, movie night, crafts, outreach and more. Let's get together, leave stress at home and connect. We can save our sanity together.

  • Eagle's Wing Motorcycle Group

    Open to:  Anyone with a motorcycle, sling shot, or even your car if you want to join us.

    Meets: Throughout year for rides and fellowship

    Lead by: Pastor Tim and Gina Montez

    Christian Motorcycle group, riding to enjoy the World God made, and inviting any motorcyclist to join us. Join us to have fun, and show God's spirit where ever we go!

  • Creative Threads

    Open to: Anyone 8+

    Meets: Tuesdays from 6-7pm at FCC

    Lead by: Pat Brink and Janna Short

    Inviting all who knit, crochet & those that would like to learn.

    Using "Creative Women's Devotional" by Genevieve A. Howard,

    although you do not have to buy it.

    Bring a project to work on too!

  • Make your money work for you

    Open to: Anyone with an Income

    Meets: Mondays at FCC (Or as needed)

    Lead by: Buff Tracy

    The word budgeting has a bad ring. Why? Because people see budgeting as a punishment. It does not have to be so; a budget is simply a financial plan for you. We are going to work together to write a budget to fit your personal needs and execute it. Welcome to financial freedom!

  • Family night!

    Open to: Anyone

    Meets: Each in their Own Home

    Lead by: Chad and Sharon Lillemon

    This group will commit to spending eight family nights with their household, one night per week. On this special night of your choosing, let’s silence the noise and all the many distractions of life and spend quality time building up our most valuable relationships! Each family will be asked to share a weekly picture and update on a group Facebook page. We’ll share ideas, challenges, and humorous stories with other families in this group. Who’s ready for Family Night? 

  • prophetic teaching and training

    Open to: Adults and Teens interested in the Prophetic

    Meets: 3rd Sundays from 5-6:30p at FCC

    Lead by: Steve Rosebrock


    For those interested in learning about Prophetic Ministry.

  • The 300

    Open to: Men 18+

    Meets: Tuesdays from 7p-8p at FCC

    Lead by: Mike Lewis


    Men's Bible study and prayer group.

  • Youth girls

    Open to: Girls: 7th-12th Grade

    Meets: Sundays from 6:30pm at Ruth's House

    Lead by: Ruth Tracy and Ashlee Vandemark


    We spend time getting into the word together and learning about what it means to walk daily with the Lord as well as just talking about life and everything teen girls encounter.

  • Youth Boys

    Open to: Boys 7th-12th Grade

    Meets: Sundays from 6p-8p at FCC Youth Room

    Lead by: Pastor Shawn Vandemark and Shane Beauprez


    Youth Boys Small Group!!!!!

  • Kids

    Open to: Kids: 1-6th Grade

    Meets: Wednesdays from 7-8:15pm at FCC

    Lead by: Pastor Eli and Bobby Stearns

    We take Kids deeper into God's word, have fun together, and focus on developing strong friendships with other kids. We are laying the foundations for a lifetime of Christian Discipleship.

  • Armor Bearers-Giving life to your leaders

    Open to: Adults

    Meets: Tuesdays at 10am Via Video Call

    Lead by: Chris and Pam Bowers

    We often think of leadership in the church as providing for our needs, but have you ever thought about what you as a follower can and should provide for your leaders?  In this group, we will explore some ways we as followers can be a blessing to our leaders, and build them up as they fulfill their calling in Christ. 

  • Romans Bible Study-ALL SPOTS TAKEN

    Open to: Anyone

    Meets: Wednesday 7-8:30pm at FCC

    Lead by: Pastors Tim and Jill

    I will be teaching the book of Romans.  We will be talking about the basic doctrine outlined by the Apostle Paul. We will also be covering the history of the book. 

  • The power of identification with christ

    Open to: Adults

    Meets: Wednesdays 7-8pm at FCC

    Lead by: Pastor Morvin


    Often people never figure out who they are, so they act like someone else.  They act like the strongest personality around.  However, there is a stronger identification than what has happened to us naturally 

  • you have what it takes

    Open to: Dads

    Meets: Mondays from 6-7:30pm at Southside Cabin Fever

    Lead by: Pastor Andy

    This group is for Dads that want to lead a Godly home.  It doesn't really matter what stage of parenting you are in.  We will get together and share encouragement and ideas.

  • Happily Ever After

    Open to: Anyone Married or Soon to be Married

    Meets: Wednesdays from 7-8pm at FCC

    Lead by: Mark and Rebecca Sanchez

    We invest time and resources in all areas of our life and nothing into our marriage. We just expect our marriage to be great without putting anything into it. This class is meant to strengthen and encourage couples in their relationship bond. It is an investment! 

  • Next STeps-Recovery

    Open to: Anyone in Recovery

    Meets: Thursdays at 6pm at FCC

    Lead by: Chuck

    Meets weekly to support one another in addictions recovery.

  • Future group leaders!

    We always need new leadership! We have 3 sessions of 8-12 week groups a year, as well as LIFE groups that meet year round. All our groups are either: Recreation, Support, Study, Teaching, or LIFE. 

    If you are interested in Leading a Connecting Group in the Future Click Here to get into contact with Pastor Eli!