Connecting Groups

It is our desire to see the body of Christ come together, growing in their faith, and connecting with other believers. Life is hard to do by ourselves and we feel no one should ever have to do it alone. That is why we are starting Connecting Groups. We believe this will help us become a closer family and help the church make disciples!

             Summer 2019              Connecting Groups

  • The Green Party

    Mon 5:30PM (tee time) at Eagle Rock Defiance 

    Lead by: Pastor Andy Tracy, Rob Goshia

    Open to: Golfers

    Began: Mon, May 14 & concludes: Mon, Aug 20

    Length: 14 weeks

    Cost: Greens fee

    If you enjoy golf and time studying scripture, this group is for you. Golf

    and Jesus, it doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Young Adults

    Tue 6-9PM at Zoe’s Place

    Lead by: Eli Tracy and Zoe Tracy

    Open to: Ages 18-25

    Class begins: Tue, June 4 & concludes: Tue, Jul 30

    Length: 10 weeks

    Cost: none

    We get the young adults of FCC together to meet every small group

    season. We have a home cooked dinner, bible study and prayer, and games

    or whatever else we decide to do that week! An awesome opportunity to

    make friends your age at our church and have good people in your life

    while you are getting started as an adult!

  • Fishers of Men

    Sun 5-7PM in Continental, OH

    Lead by: Tony Tracy, Mike Lewis

    Open to: All Families

    Begins: Sun, Jun 2 & concludes Sun, Jul 28

    Length: 7 weeks

    Cost: none

    This small group is designed for families. We will be spending time fishing

    at a pond by Tony’s house. Please use this as an opportunity to bring your

    friends or family members who may not want to come to church. Bring

    your own tackle if you have it or we will have extra if needed.

  • Eagles Wings

    Times and Dates Vary

    Lead by: Shared

    Open to: Bikers

    Begins: Ongoing

    Length: ongoing

    Cost: none

    Eagles Wings plans rides throughout the season. Progressive Dinners,

    Destination Based, Longer and Shorter Trips, and more. Sign up to get

    more information about the schedule and join the fun!

  • Lilies of the Valley

    Wed 6:30-8PM in the Conference Room

    Lead by: Kate Taylor, Kara Tracy

    Open to: single moms

    Begins: Wed, Feb 6

    Length: ongoing

    Cost: none *childcare will be provided

    We are an ongoing group of Godly women who are hungry for our Lord. We do Bible studies, go to Christian concerts, movies and anything else to promote friendship and support each other anyway that we can/need.

  • The 300

    Tue 7-8PM in Defiance

    Lead by: Mike Lewis, Jim Ingle

    Open to: Adult Men

    Begins: Tue, Feb 5

    Length: ongoing

    Cost: none

    This group is focused on bringing the men of the church closer to God and each other through prayer, study and open discussion. This quote by John Wesley is the inspiration for this group: “If I had 300 men who feared nothing but God, hated nothing but sin, and were determined to know nothing among men but Jesus Christ and Him crucified, I would set the world on fire.” *Speak with Mike or Jim for the location. They meet at either Jeff Burnett’s house or at the church.

  • Youth Volleyball

    Mon 8PM at the Bronson Park

    Lead by: Shawn Vandemark

    Open to: Jr High and High Schoolers

    Class begins: Mon, Jun 3

    Length: All Summer

    Cost: none

    Summer's all about having some fun with friends! So come every Monday night and play some sand volleyball. You will be sure to have a great time!

  • Kids in the Park

    Wed 11am-1pm at Kingsbury Park

    Lead by: Eli Tracy and Bobby Stearns

    Open to: 1st-6th Graders

    Begins: Wed, Jun 5 & concludes: Wed Jul 31st

    Length: 8 weeks

    Cost: None

    Come every week to play in the park, hear a bible story about Jesus, have

    a free lunch, and enjoy some awesome group crafts and activities!

  • Non-Traditional Familes

    Wed 7-8PM in Offices

    Taught by: Morvin and Dee Dixon

    Open to: Adults leading non-traditional families

    Begins: Wed, Jun 5 & concludes: Wed, Jul 31st

    Length: 7 weeks

    Cost: none

    Families who are fostering, have adopted, are blended step-families, or

    are single parents are all welcome to join this group. We will discuss the

    real life issues that these non-traditional families face, and explore how to

    build and lead Godly homes. You don’t have to figure it all out alone!

    Come and get the support and counsel you need.

  • Girl Talk 

    Tues 7pm at Kates House 

    Lead by: Kate Brooke

    Open to: women

    Begins: Tue, Jun 4 & concludes: Tue, Jul 30

    Length: 9-10 weeks EVERY OTHER WEEK

    Cost: None

    We get the girls together to talk about life, pray for one another, and grow

    closer as strong women of the Lord! We meet every other week, and would

    love to have you there if you are a women who is looking for lasting

    friendships with other Godly women!

  • Foster & Adoptive Mom Small Group

    Wed 11a-1p at Kingsbury Park

    Lead by: Alyssa Tracy, Mandy Keegan, Christina Schafer

    Open to: Moms

    Begins: Wed, Jun 5 & concludes: Wed, Jul 31

    Length: 9 weeks

    Cost: $25

    Let’s get together on Wednesday mornings to meet over a book that will

    help ground us to our BIG God who can help guide us through this crazy

    but awesome life. We have a common “knowing” about what life looks like

    as foster and adoptive moms. Life is far from normal, so come meet with

    us and feel like you just might not be all that crazy after all.

    We just finished our spring session with Christy teaching us about

    parenting with Grace and Truth and it was AMAZING. We have decided to

    walk through a book study together called Cultivating Holy Beauty. We're

    gonna start with book #1... Intimacy with Jesus, How to Walk Deeply with

    God for a Lifetime. We'll have book time, talking and together time and

    maybe a snack sign-up? Prayer too, we all NEED that.

  • Prophetic Equipping

    *3rd Sunday of the Month at FCC

    Lead by: Steve and Sue Rosebrock

    Open to: ALL

    Begins: Sun June 23rd

    Length: Year Round

    Cost: None

    We are developing a prophetic ministry team here at FCC! Come once a

    month to: Share what God has been speaking to you during our worship

    services, receive a biblical teaching on the prophetic, and practice

    prophetic prayer together. This equipping is vital for all who have

    prophetic spiritual giftings, but is also highly valuable for those who are

    simply interested in growing in understanding.