Connecting Groups

It is our desire to see the body of Christ come together, growing in their faith, and connecting with other believers. Life is hard to do by ourselves and we feel no one should ever have to do it alone. That is why we are starting Connecting Groups. We believe this will help us become a closer family and help the church make disciples!

Spring 2019 Connecting Groups

  • Sermon Review

    Wednesdays, at 7-8:15PM in the church offices

    Lead by: Morvin Dixon

    Open to: Adults

    Begins: Wednesday, February 6th

    Length: Ongoing

    Cost: None

    Have you ever wanted to dive deeper into a recent Sunday sermon?

    This small group will take the most recent Sunday sermon from FCC and talk about questions you may have, what parts convicted you, and how God has used it to teach and enrich you.

    *This small group runs during Youth Church so it’s a great way to spend your time while your child is attending their own class.

  • Hospitality: Jesus Style

    Thurs, 10am at Sue’s Home

    Lead by: Sue Nofzinger & Edith Wuo

    Open to: All (13+)

    Began: Thurs, Feb 14th

    Length: 6 weeks

    Cost: none

    God’s two greatest commandments are to love God and to love others. Jesus said, in Matt 25:35, “…I was a stranger and you invited me in.” Hospitality is known as entertaining and welcoming in guests and visitors. The word hospitality is translated, “loving strangers." 

  • Yoga

    Mon, 6pm at FCC-Children’s Church 

    Lead by: Ashlee Vandemark

    Open to: all ages

    Class begins: Mon, Feb 4th

    Length: 11 weeks

    Cost: none

    Yoga is a gentle exercise that can challenge the most fit athletes, while also being accessible to all levels of fitness, age, and ability. Join this mixed group for some physical activity to help shake off the winter blues! 

  • Come to our House

    Tue 6-9PM at Eli, Zeke, and Zoe’s House

    Lead by: Eli, Zeke, and Zoe

    Open to: 18-25

    Begins: Thur, Feb 7th

    Length: 8 weeks

    Cost: none

    We will gather every Thursday at Eli, Zeke, and Zoe’s house for a home cooked meal, a bible study/discussion, games, music, campfires, and more! We are who we hang around, so we want to create a place for the young adults of FCC to hang around good people. Come for the food, stay for the great candles and cats.

  • Lilies of the Valley

    Wed 6:30-8PM in the Conference Room

    Lead by: Kate Taylor, Kara Tracy

    Open to: single moms

    Begins: Wed, Feb 6

    Length: ongoing

    Cost: none *childcare will be provided

    We are an ongoing group of Godly women who are hungry for our Lord. We do Bible studies, go to Christian concerts, movies and anything else to promote friendship and support each other anyway that we can/need.

  • The 300

    Tue 7-8PM in Defiance

    Lead by: Mike Lewis, Jim Ingle

    Open to: Adult Men

    Begins: Tue, Feb 5

    Length: ongoing

    Cost: none

    This group is focused on bringing the men of the church closer to God and each other through prayer, study and open discussion. This quote by John Wesley is the inspiration for this group: “If I had 300 men who feared nothing but God, hated nothing but sin, and were determined to know nothing among men but Jesus Christ and Him crucified, I would set the world on fire.” *Speak with Mike or Jim for the location. They meet at either Jeff Burnett’s house or at the church.

  • The Way of the Warrior Graham Cooke

    Mon 6-8PM in Classroom 2

    Lead by: Bruce Davenport

    Open to: Guys, All Ages

    Begins: Mon, Feb 4 (but ongoing)

    Length: Ongoing

    Cost: none

    Warriors do not react to their circumstances, they respond to God. They see everything as an opportunity to learn, grow, advance and increase in faith. They have taken their own internal territory. Warriors know that Jesus reigns and everything leads to majesty!

  • Euchre Night

    Sat 6-8PM at Downtown Cabin Fever 

    Lead by: Kris Julliard

    Contact: 419-572-0572

    Open to: all

    Begins: Sat, Jan 19th

    Length: Unknown

    Cost: none

    Euchre is a relatively simple card game, that can be enjoyed by all levels of players. Come with a partner, or come ready to paired with one. Pairs will move from table to table enjoying friendly games and conversation, while enjoying the cozy atmosphere of the Downtown Cabin Fever. **Kids can play, but must be partnered with a parent or attending adult.

  • Baby Boomers and Beyond- Amy Hanson

    Mon 7PM at FCC

    Lead by: Tim Tracy & Chris Bowers

    Open to: Anyone born between 1946-1964

    Begins: Mon, Feb 4th & Concludes: Mon, Apr 1st

    Length: 9-10 weeks

    Cost: optional book

    This group will be helping Baby Boomers gain knowledge and help them with the unique issues in this demographic. There is a book called “Baby Boomers and Beyond” written by Amy Hanson that can be purchased online, but it is not necessary for attending this group.

  • Brain-Washed: Transforming your Self-image through the Amazing Love of God

    Tuesdays 7-8:15PM in Classroom 1

    Lead by: Dave Nofziger & Kristie Nofziger

    Open to: Teens & Adults

    Begins: Tue, Feb. 5th

    Cost: $3

    Our self-image is damaged because we live in a sinful, fallen world where our self esteem needs are not met in the way God had intended when he created us. Satan has brainwashed us into believing his “truths” about ourselves rather than believing God’s truths. In this study you will learn how to allow the amazing love of God to cleanse and renew your mind, restoring your damaged self-image through a personal, intimate relationship with Him.

  • Mom Strong by Heidi St. John 

    Mon 9:30-11AM at FCC 

    Lead by: Christina Schafer

    Open to: Moms and their kids

    Begins: Mon, Feb 4th

    Length: 10 weeks

    Cost: none

    Motherhood is messy. One of the messiest parts about it is making mom friends. It can be intimidating, nerve-wracking, and, well, awkward. As tough as it can be, moms yearn for a village. A group of women, who have been called to be moms in different ways, at different times, sharing encouragement, advice, and inspiration. So, bring your children and let them play while we laugh together, cry together, and learn together. Let's skip all the awkward mom-petition and go straight to building friendships and an unbreakable village together. Let's stop simply surviving motherhood and start thriving in it!

  • Women’s Dinner

    Tues 7PM at Kate’s House 

    Lead by: Kate Brooke

    Open to: Adult Women

    Class begins: Tues, Feb 5th

    Length: Unknown

    Cost: none

    Plain and simple: this is an opportunity to have time with other adult women. To connect, laugh, cry, encourage, and just talk about the everyday stuff that makes up our lives. Women need other women, and also to have a nice meal! 

  • Creative Women’s Devotional

    Tue 7-8PM in Cafe Library 

    Lead by: Pat Brink

    Open to: Adult Women

    Begins: Tue, Feb 5

    Length: 8 weeks

    Cost: none

    Inviting all who knit, crochet, & those that would like to learn. Using, “Creative Women’s Devotional” by Genevieve A Howard, although you do not have to buy the book to participate. Bring a project to work on

  • Art Nights

    Thurs 7-8:30PM in Children’s Church 

    Lead by: Tina and Gabe Tracy

    Open to: All

    Begins: Thur, Feb 7th

    Length: 8 weeks

    Cost: $10 (snacks and supplies)

    We are gonna do art together! We will provide the space to be around other creative people, while we work on our projects, whatever they may be! Come to be supported, inspired, and to work on that project you have wanted to pick back up for a long time! Bring your project to work on!

  • Prophetic Teaching and Training

    3rd Sun of the month, 5-6:30pm at FCC

    Lead by: Steve & Sue Rosebrock

    Open to: ALL

    Begins: Sun, Feb 17th

    Length: Ongoing

    ***EVERY THIRD SUNDAY*** Cost: none This class is for those who feel they may have a prophetic calling or gifting in their life and also for those who just want to learn more about this ministry. There will be a time of instruction as well as discussion. Come to learn and to grow in the understanding of this ministry.