Connecting Groups

It is our desire to see the body of Christ come together, growing in their faith, and connecting with other believers. Life is hard to do by ourselves and we feel no one should ever have to do it alone. That is why we are starting Connecting Groups. We believe this will help us become a closer family and help the church make disciples!

Spring 2018 Connecting Groups

Here is a list of our 2018 Winter/Spring Connecting Groups.

If you have any questions you can email Sharon at

  • What Does the Word Say

    Wed 6:30PM upstairs at Cabin Fever

    Taught by: Tim & Jill Tracy

    Open to: all

    Begins: Wed, Jan 31

    Concludes: Wed, Apr 18

    Length: 12 weeks

    Cost: none

    This small group will be covering the most important doctrines in the Bible and

    how to apply them to your life… how to act on the Word and make it real in your

    life. It’s intended to build faith and expel doubt, to give people a working

    knowledge of the scripture.

    Sign up for this Connecting Group here.

  • Survival Kit

    Wed 7-8PM at FCC

    Taught by: Mark Baringer

    Open to: all

    Begins: Wed, Jan 31  

    Concludes: Wed, Apr 4

    Length: 10 weeks

    Cost: none

    This class is a survival kit for today’s world. Whether you’re a new believer needing

    a foundation, or are a believer that needs a fresh start, this is a class for you.

    Topics include prayer, community and multiplying your faith.

  • Building a Christ Centered Self-Esteem

    Wed 7-8:15PM at FCC

    Taught by: Dave Nofziger

    Open to: all adults

    Begins: Wed, Feb 7

    Concludes: Wed, Apr 25 Length: 12 weeks

    Cost: $6

    Our self-image is damaged because we live in a sinful, fallen world where our

    esteem needs are not met in the way God had intended when He created us. Only

    God can restore a damaged self-image and He seeks to do that through a personal,

    intimate relationship with His children. In this small group, you will learn how to let

    God’s Fatherhood penetrate deep into your heart and restore your self-image in

    such a way that you begin to take on the image of His son. *Please purchase

    “Christ-Centered Self-Esteem” by Charles Gerber, but first speak with Dave for

    details. Spouses are welcome to share.

  • How in the World?

    Wed 7-8:15PM at FCC

    Lead by: Matt Carder, Sue Nofziger

    Open to: all, Jr High on up

    Class begins: Wed, Feb 7

    Concludes: Wed, Apr 18

    Length: 10 weeks

    Cost: none

    How in the world can we reach and testify to people of different cultures and

    languages? This encouraging group will teach you simple ideas you can use

    anytime with anyone, even unsaved friends and family. Great DVD’s, guests, Q&A,

    and more will show you the way with the help of the Holy Spirit. Let’s help fulfill

    the Great Commission!

  • Board Game Night

    Mon 5:30PM in Classroom 2

    Lead by: Tyler & Misti Dunson

    Open to: All, High School & Up

    Class Begins: Mon, Jan 29

    Concludes: Mon, Apr 16

    Length: 12 weeks

    Cost: Bring snacks

    Welcome lovers of board games! Board games are a perfect fun activity in this cold

    wintery time of year. All adults, and high schoolers, are welcome. Just bring your

    favorite snack to share and a willingness to try new games as well as the classics.

    We will have games for all levels of players, from the casual player who wants to

    visit while playing, to the intense player who enjoys immersive strategy.

  • Yoga

    Mon 5:30PM in the Children’s Church

    Lead by: Ashlee Vandemark

    Open to: all

    Begins: Mon, Jan 29

    Concludes Mon, Apr 16

    Length: 12 weeks

    Cost: none

    No childcare, but you are welcome to bring your children with you

    Young and old, women and men, all are invited to do yoga together. This is a low

    key workout with an emphasis on stretching. You will fit right in no matter your

    level of expertise. We are gathering to build friendships, have fun, and get a little

    exercise. *Bring a yoga mat, or a towel would also work.

  • The 9 Things

    Mon 6-7:30PM upstairs at Cabin Fever Coffee, Defiance

    Lead by: Chris & Pam Bowers

    Open to: all adults

    Begins: Mon, Jan 29

    Concludes: Mon, Apr 9

    Length: 11 weeks

    Cost: $15

    Ever wonder why some people keep getting what they want out of life and others

    don’t? What’s the difference between those who reach their goals over and over

    and those locked in survival mode? In this book we will discover “ways” of

    behaving and responding to situations that successful individuals have in common.

    Come and join us as we learn these extremely practical and easy-to- grasp

    strategies. *Please purchase the “9 Things You Simply Must Do” by Henry Cloud on

    your own before Mon, Jan 29. It’s available online, and cheaper on ebay. Spouses

    are welcome to share.

  • The Way of the Warrior

    Mon 6-8PM in Classroom 1

    Lead by: Bruce Davenport

    Open to: guys, all ages

    Begins: Mon, Jan 29 (but ongoing) 

    Length: 12 weeks (but ongoing)

    Cost: none

    Warriors do not react to their circumstances, they respond to God. They see

    everything as an opportunity to learn, grow, advance and increase in faith. They

    have taken their own internal territory. Warriors know that Jesus reigns and

    everything leads to majesty!

  • Single Mothers

    Mon 6:30-8PM in the Conference Room

    Lead by: Kate Taylor, Kara Tracy

    Designed for: single moms

    Begins: Mon, Jan 29 (but ongoing) 

    Length: 12 weeks (but ongoing) 

    Cost: none

    *childcare will be provided

    This group is open to any woman who wants to attend, whether your children are

    grown or still at home. I was a single mother for years and know the loneliness and

    need for connection with other Godly women. This Bible study is geared for the

    single mother.

  • The 300

    Tue 7-8PM in Defiance

    Lead by: Mike Lewis, Jim Ingle

    Open to: men, 18 & up

    Begins: Tue, Jan 30 (but ongoing) 

    Length: 12 weeks (but ongoing)

    Cost: none

    This group is focused on bringing the men of the church closer to God and each

    other through prayer, study and open discussion. This quote by John Wesley is the

    inspiration for this group: “If I had 300 men who feared nothing but God, hated

    nothing but sin, and were determined to know nothing among men but Jesus

    Christ and Him crucified, I would set the world on fire.” *Speak with Mike or Jim for

    the location address. They meet at either Jeff Burnett’s house or the church.

  • Financial Peace University

    wed 6:30pm at fcc

    Lead by: Chad & Sharon Lillemon

    Open to: all

    Begins: Wed, Jan 31

    Concludes: Wed, Mar 28

    Length: 9 weeks

    Cost: $80 per couple/single

    We all need a plan for our money. Financial Peace University is that plan! It teaches

    God's ways of handling money. Through video teaching, class discussions and

    interactive small group activities, FPU presents biblical, practical steps to get from

    where you are to where you've dreamed you could be. *The first night is FREE to

    attend. Cost is due by Wed, Feb 7 to receive your kit and continue this course. We

    have kits available at the discounted price of $80 while supplies last. If you have

    already taken FPU, there is no cost to attend again.

  • Smart Stepfamilies

    Wed 6:30-8PM at FCC

    Lead by: Tony & Alesha Vance

    Open to: remarried couples/considering remarriage

    Begins: Wed, Jan 31

    Concludes Wed, Apr 18

    Length: 12 weeks

    Cost: $10-$25

    Whether married or soon to be married, come discover with us some practical,

    realistic solutions to the issues you face as a stepfamily. We will be using the

    curriculum of Ron L. Deal, a marriage and family author and therapist. *Please

    purchase “The Smart Stepfamily Participant’s Guide” by Ron L. Deal on your own

    before Wed, Jan 31. It’s available Amazon. Spouses are welcome to share. Also

    purchasing the book “The Smart Stepfamily” is optional, but highly recommended

    (the Revised & Expanded Edition).