Our mission

Family Christian Center's Mission:

"Helping People Find And Follow Jesus" while seeking to live out this mission daily, it serves to remind us of our vision.

Family Christian Center's Vision:  

"A Family for the Broken"

Core Values

Family Christian Center's values, along with our mission and vision, are the core beliefs of our community. These ideas inform all of our teachings and also remind us of how we want to live our lives as a community of believers. 


We will teach the Bible in a relevant way to every demographic we can. Anyone “can” be saved and become a disciple through the Lord Jesus Christ. We will give our time, talent and resources sacrificially, beyond reason, to further the kingdom.  


The Holy Spirit is our leader and guide. Following Him, and hearing His voice is essential. He empowers us to live the abundant life. We will worship God with all that we have. We will pray audacious prayers that only God can answer.  


The scriptural family unit is absolutely necessary for strength in God’s Kingdom. We will mentor and resource the next generation. 


We will win the lost and teach people to intimately walk with Jesus daily. We will help the unborn, needy, poor, hurting, hungry, orphan and widow. We will cultivate relationships with the local and church communities.