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Romans 8:31 "What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?"

This is the month of Thanksgiving and we have soooo much to be thankful for. Most of all, that He is for us!!

We had a motorcycle accident on Oct 23 and we have seen miracle after miracle! Can I share some with you?

Me-only some bruises. I landed in a ditch on my back with my head right beside Tim's but I was upside down from him. The people we were riding with though they saw me thrown from the bike (which makes sense)!

Tim-broke both wrists, but only the radius, so plates were put in (not both bones!). After his wrists were set he had no pain. And after the surgery a few days later, he took pain meds for only 1 1/2 days and then moved to Tylenol.

Tim was life-flighted to Sarasota Memorial. It surprised the staff that they didn't take him to Tampa. There is would have been much harder for us and also Dr. Holden was at Sarasota.

With the wreck, we missed a pole and a barbed wire fence. We laid in the ditch 20-30 minutes waiting for the EMS (as they instructed us not to move if we didn't have to) and there were NO fire ants, which arevery prevalent in Florida!

Our wonderful friend Sheri ( who is a miracle in herself as she did LOTS for us) was not gotten ahold of to come to the accident to get our stuff. So our friends on the motorcycle ride with us called his parents to come. This left Sheri free (and she answered the first time she was called for this) to come get me at Manatee Memorial Emergency to take me to Tim at Sarasota Memorial. It's really hard in a situation like this to be separated and pretty much uniformed about the other person!

Dr. Holden, the surgeon, was one of the best around. He was VERY attentive and even gave us his personal cell number. He made a follow-up appointment with Dr. Kolovich in Bryan, Ohio who is "in network" with our insurance. We didn't know it at the time!

Our good friends, Brian and Carol Keegan, already had airline tickets to fly down and ride back to Ohio with us. We just had planned this on October 20th. So Brian was able to drive our truck and trailer and get us home!

Our phones, iPads and Tim's glasses were all found and none were broken!

Most of all, was the supernatural peace which passes all understanding! People remarked on the peace when they entered the hospital room.

Miracles show us that God is present. We are not alone. No matter what it looks like or how it "feels", God said that He is for us! He is with you in the midst of trouble. There is nothing too big for our God. Trust Him!